I guest host a podacst.

Building a niche global home based business

It’s never been easier to compete on a level playing field in a global market place, and that is exactly what mumtrepereneur Charlotte Bulpitt is doing. In fact she’s swapping rural village life for an online community as she builds a successful online business helping people diagnosed with diabetes.
Having been wrongly diagnosed for many years and almost not surviving, Charlotte’s story is pretty gripping. But how do you tell your story? Simple, be interviewed!
As a long time friend of Charlotte and having worked together, I was excited when Charlotte asked me to step in an host her podcast for an episode, specifically to interview her.

How to build an online community?

Check out Charlotte’s podcast called The Diabetic and Healhty Podcast. Not only is it a great and ‘healthy’ listen, it also shows how you can quickly build an online audience all over the world. Supported through an online facebook community and website, Charlotte has first set about using ‘helpful marketing’, or in other words she’s build a community by helping others.
Charlotte is sharing her knowledge, experience and advice completely free via podcast and online communities in the hope of helping others.
In the space of just a few weeks Charlottes facebook page has already gathered over 2000 followers, her podcast been downloaded 1000’s of times and her private facebook group is already helping 100’s join together to help.
We will talk in future blog posts about how to build communities, but it can be as simple as starting a facebook group. Try it now.

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